Sunday, 5 December 2010

First post!

Well isn't this exciting!

I've been reading a bunch of different blogs for a while and thought it would be fun to start one... so what will this be about? Notebooks and handbags most probably!

pocket butterfly filofax
The binder was a birthday gift from my parents last year.

On the first page is a quote from a Sylvia Plath poem, I thought it was pretty.

info tab
I rearranged the tabs so that the least used were at the start and end, and the most-moved about (diary section) is in the middle, meaning that I can open the rings without everything falling out. First is the Information section, which has all the international conversion stuff I couldn't bring myself to throw away, plus reminders for what usernames/passwords I've used where.

finance tab
In the Financial section I keep a running total of how much I've spent and on what... as a starving student it's good to know how much money I've got left so I don't accidentally spend the rent on Haribo.

year planner
At the start of the diary section is a year planner that I coloured in so I can see at a glance when I'm on placement, when are the holidays etc. I also write major deadlines in here. I haven't actually used it much, though; I don't think I'll get one for 2011.

Week on two pages. Orange is uni, green is life in general, blue is deadlines/to-do and pink is birthdays or events.
Current week (not shown) is marked with a black ruler, I also keep a single to-do page in there and move it each monday if it's not yet full.
week on 2 pages diary

wallet pocket
And the wallet pocket, which contains letters, a paid parking ticket and reinforcer-ring stickers.

I love this planner, it holds everything I need it to, and I got rid of (almost) everything I didn't use. After spending far too much time looking at Philofaxy, though, I have almost convinced myself that a pocket is too small and I should give a personal-sized planner a try. Maybe this Finsbury in Aqua...


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Hope you enjoy it! :-) I love my butterfly too and it is great to see how you have customised yours!

  2. Congrats on the first post and your butterfly filofax is lovely!

  3. oooh the aqua Finsbury is a delight. One of my work colleagues has got one (seems I inspired her to get a filofax from my musings hahaha). Anyways she is in the process of decorating it with stamps and promises to send pics for me to share :-)