Friday, 29 April 2011

Style rookie

What better form of procrastination on a rainy day can be found that style blogs? I've found a few interesting new reads lately, and they have provoked more pleasant thoughts when my tired brain can no longer contemplate the side effects of anti-tuberculous medications.

There is currently a huge difference between my ideal aesthetic and my actual appearance and environment. In part, this is caused by student finances - I clothes shop very rarely and as dictated by necessity, and then only in charity shops - and partly due to my (sometimes subconscious) discomfort with my appearance - being both a shorty and on the rounder side makes finding items that fit well challenging.

I've been reading a lot lately about the idea of "building the perfect wardrobe" and following the principle of quality over quantity - having only well-made, quality things that fit perfectly, all go together and you love, rather than piles on piles of Primark's finest. I like this idea - tons of stuff around just stresses me out and I hate pulling out a work skirt and realising the only shirt that goes with it is in the wash. I would describe my current style as a bit rock'n'roll, a bit boho, but I'm also a big fan of really clean, classic, neutral basics that can go with anything and to any occasion. Here's what I hope my wardrobe looks like in the coming months:

I've been after a white shirt that fits me properly for years (without me having to sew up the gape in the chest) and found Bravissimo, which sells shirts in various sizes for bigger busts. This chino skirt from FatFace would be great for work and weekends (it has POCKETS!) and I'd like the black one too. Both are on the shopping list, along with a comfy pair of work shoes that are good enough quality to last more than a few months of running around the wards. I got these boots from Duo for Christmas - they sell boots in various calf sizes meaning I have knee boots that fit for the first time in my life - the leather on them is just lovely. And my current bag (for years now) is a khaki satchel - a lot more beat up than this one I found online, but also a lot more personal :)

Of course a girl needs a wishlist as well as a shopping list! Here are my dreams in sartorial form :) Not likely to happen, but it's fun to imagine!

Alice by Temperley leather jacket, Mulberry Bayswater, Ash ankle boots, Balenciaga Day bag.

How would you describe your style? What's currently on your wishlist?


  1. you have great taste in bags, lady! <3

  2. we seem to be on a similar quest! haha. the elusive perfect wardrobe is difficult to track down but my wishlist currently has a white silk shirt (i find the fabric is easier to manage than cotton for the whole button-gape thing), black cropped pants and a wear-anywhere navy blazer.

  3. Love the loafers in the first collage and the leather jacket in the second! I guess I would describe my style as J.Crew meets Batcave--or, at least, that's what I'm hoping for after my Fall/Winter shopping. Summer is the worst season to wear goth clothes during so hopefully cooler weather will make me want to wear more black/PVC/etc.

  4. I am also striving for the perfect basic wardrobe :) I don't earn a lot of money, and always thought high end items were an impossibility- then I saved for a while and stopped buying crap, and ended up with a Bayswater. It's so worth it!!

  5. I love all of the items in your basic wardrobe- they are classic and will look great season after season! Also, love the leather jacket- I'd love to own a real leather jacket someday! I shop a lot and and think I'm going to have to learn to shop less- like you said, quality over quantity!

    star-crossed smile

  6. Thanks for stopping by on my blog! :)

    Just wanted to give you a heads-up about a Give Away I am hosting - feel free to check it out:

    Anyway... back tot he business at hand: I just did what you wrote about. After much deliberation, I decided to invest a little money in co-ordinating new pieces in my wardrobe to make a more coherent whole. The quality is not as impressive as I'd like to be but it's a start to a new way of shopping. My next mission will be to save of more money for some high-quality signature pieces. In any case, I hope to blog about my experience in the next few weeks. (I already blogged about a more intentional approach to spending money).

    Anyway, a lovely selection of pieces. Very neutral and versatile. I really love this Spring's fashion and am so glad that flared jeans are making a come-back!

    All the best,
    This Good Life

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog at the Caribbean Princess's online home. A fellow island girl.

    Now unto your post: "How would I describe my style?" -- Am still trying to define it. lol.
    I only buy what is truly fantastic. I tend to go for timeless items which I accessorise adding a personal, creative touch.

  8. the temperley jacket is awesome. lovely shape.
    my style might be described as minimal avant garde with focus on shape and texture.
    -styleODYSSEY blog :)